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Coaching & career development for ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and expats

Are you looking for more peace of mind, energy, work fun and confidence? Or do you want to explore how you can stand up for yourself, find your goal for the future, have better relationships or deal with emotions? 

A few examples of coaching topic from others:

“How do I find my passion in work and the career that really suits me?"

“How do I cope with my difficult colleague so that I have a better work relationship?"

“I am a perfectionist. How can I manage my “not good enough" feeling?"

“I feel stressed, how do I regain control and feel energetic again?"

“How do I find the courage to pursue the thing I really want?"

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In Utrecht or world wide online

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Let’s explore the possibilities together to step over your boundries and reach your full potential!

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Clear and insightful coaching that you can use straight away!

I believe that everybody is capable to create fun, control and a peace of mind in his/her work and personal life. It’s my passion to offer you clear and insightful coaching so that you will have the enthusiasm and self-confidence to do what suits you best.

Personal leadership coaching face to face
Personal leadership coaching that you can use straight away

As a senior certified coach, I offer and career development that provides you with the tools to achieve your coaching goal. My methodes include a wide variety of evidence based coaching exercises, powerful and challenging questions and reflection on your behavior. 

I work according to the professional standards for coaches from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European mentoring and coaching council (EMCC).

Senior certified coach professional

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Specialized in ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and expats

Average client evaluation: 9,1/10

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